Data Structure Using C - programming

Data types.
Abstract data types.
Data structure.
Analysis of algorithm.
Asymptotic notation.
Defining stack
Application of stack
Operations of stack
Stack implemented as an array
Stack implemented with Linked List
Defining Queue
Application of Queue
Operation of Queue
Circular Queue
Priority Queue
Double Ended Queue
Queue implemented using Array
Queue implemented using Linked list
Advantages of Linked List over an Array
Application of Linked List
Types of Linked Lists
Singly Linked Lists
Operation of Singly Linked Lists
Doubly Linked Lists
Operations on Doubly Linked Lists
Circular Linked Lists
Circular Double Linked Lists
Uses of Linked Lists
Binary Trees
Implementation of Binary Trees
Insertion into a Binary Tree
Binary Tree Deletion
Traversing a Binary Tree
Binary Height Balanced Trees
Types of Graphs
Various Representation of Graphs
Application of Graphs
Graph Traversals
Introduction of sorting
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Quick Sort
Merge Sort
Merge Sort
Introduction to Heap
Heap Operations
Heap Sort
Linear Search
Binary Search

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